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Changing Lives

If every community had a program like [Lose to Win], we could reverse a lot of health conditions that are draining our system."

- Dale, Lose to Win participant

As innovators, we've been transforming the health care industry for over 30 years. We've done it with ground-breaking wellness programs such as Lose to Win and a long-standing focus on health care reform.

Choose to rely on AmeriHealth Caritas—a company that not only helps our members, but improves the way that members, providers, and communities work together by:

  • Increasing access to quality care with linguistic and culturally relevant options.
  • Improving health literacy through education and outreach programs in the communities we serve.
  • Personalizing care management to improve quality of life for children and families.
  • Delivering results-driven health care outcomes that reduce ER and admissions costs.
  • Expanding into Medicare Advantage HMO Special Needs Plans (SNP), so we can serve Medicaid members throughout their lives.

Learn how our innovations: